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Lucinda Hayton

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Asian brides in the Lake District Asian brides in the Lake District Asian brides in the Lake District 21 November 2014

Asian brides in the Lake District

Asian Weddings in the English lake District...

The most colourful clothes, woven from the most beautiful cloth, beaded, shot with vibrant golds and ruby reds... I adore the bright saris and the way the family help dress each other so perfectly. It's fabulous for me to also return to the venue to create a second 'look' for the bride, whether a subtle change to the hairstyle with some soft lip colour and blush, or to let the ceremony hair down into full flowing waves, adding brighter lipstick and shimmering smoky eye shadow...

We are so lucky to have Asian brides choose to marry here and I am very lucky to be chosen to help them with their hairstyling and Make-up work on the day...

Stay gorgeous...

Lucinda x

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  • Aldo


    25 May 2015 at 18:15 |
    You hold special pleacs in our hearts too, more than we can ever show! Just look at these four, they love doing this with you! You have captured and saved a moment in time, one we will have forever! They grow and change so fast, but having these to look back on, will always keep this time in our lives close to our hearts!!!! We love you!!!!!!