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Bridal Hairstyling and Make-up for a Wedding (Editorial) Q & A Bridal Hairstyling and Make-up for a Wedding (Editorial) Q & A Bridal Hairstyling and Make-up for a Wedding (Editorial) Q & A Bridal Hairstyling and Make-up for a Wedding (Editorial) Q & A Bridal Hairstyling and Make-up for a Wedding (Editorial) Q & A 24 November 2013

Bridal Hairstyling and Make-up for a Wedding (Editorial) Q & A

Q: When should a bride organise her wedding make-up and hair stylist ?
A: As soon as she has booked the date and the venue!
Don't leave anything to chance when planning one of the biggest days of your life.
I often get brides asking if I am free for them with only weeks to go until their big day.
They tell me it was a last minute decision to have professional help with their 'look'
(sudden panic overriding their tight budget ?) they've suddenly realised that without long lasting flawless make-up, and the hairstyle of their dreams
the photos that will serve as a lifetimes reminder of their day just won't show them at their best.
I very often have to turn down several brides wanting the same date, a date that I've been booked out for, long ago.

Q: Why is it so important to have a trial before the big day, and when should you book one ?
A: I think it's good to get to know your artist early on, and of course to test her skills if you aren't sure of her ability, but if she comes highly recommended
(and if she also works in media - media artists hardly ever meet the client/model before the actual job - so are more than capable of achieving the desired look without a trial session)
then it's not actually always a 'must' to have a trial.
Many of my brides come to marry in the Lakes from the south and overseas, therefore not able to book a trial meet-up date before hand.
I ask that they send me their photo and tell me all about their wedding style, then we swap e-mails of looks and ideas - it always works out wonderfully.
If you do want to have a trial session, to play with your style ideas then I suggest booking a date as close to the wedding day as possible.
Why ? because your hair colour/length and skin tone will be more of a match and, as I've frequently found, we girls are prone to changing our minds with the season, and the influences of the latest fashions
so a chosen look closer to the day is more likely to be the one you want ON the day.

Q: What can brides expect from a trial with a stylist and make-up artist?
A: Lots of questions about them, and the style and feeling they'd like to achieve for their big day!
It's more then just asking about their usual hairstyling and make-up, it's about my getting to 'know' the person, her personality, and my seeing what the groom sees...
Maybe she's a natural soft girlie-girl, maybe she's cool and sophisticated. She could be shy and not looking forward to all the attention on the day, or she could be a big character - prone to overdoing things, in need of a bit of taming...
The trial should be a workshop of playing with looks.
I ask my brides to bring along photos of hairstyles and make-up looks that they like (tear sheets from magazines, or search-engine photos on their phone or ipad)
We can start with what they think they want, and adapt it to show different ways of wearing that style that might suit them better.
I ask them to bring any hair combs/tiara/flower/veil they'd like to try, along with any favourite pieces of make-up they have, eyelash sets, and favourite lipsticks.
It all helps me to know them better as the individual they are.

Q: What is the most popular hairstyle that you get asked to do?
A: Soft, messy curls swept up, back or into a side bun - a little like Taylor Swift has in her famous video. No one wants to look like they've tried too hard.
Being from a media background I prefer 'red carpet' styles that are soft, sexy and feminine
I'm not keen when asked to scrape hair into a style that makes the bride look too severe and often ages them.

Q:  Is there a popular make up look that brides often adopt?
A: Smoky, defined eyes with a few extra black lashes added on for fullness and flick, dewy flawless skin with a little bronzer or blush depending on the season, and more often it's the paler lips that are popular
although I think that those with a good pout should show it off a bit more. I like the Audrey Hepburn eyes - upper lash liner and brushed in brows, with a more defined lip colour.

Q: What are your top tips for honeymoon make-up and hair when they don’t have you around for help?
A: Having the individual eyelash extensions done before your wedding day & honeymoon can make a real difference. if you have them done by a good beautician they should take about an hour and a half to have added, whilst lying down.
Take a good sunscreen moisturiser UVB AND UVA to protect from drying out, ageing the skin and brown spots!
Protect hair from the sun - especially if it's been coloured, use a sun hat on that sun bed, and a cheeky pink swim cap for the pool.
Take a good hair mask conditioner and use every four days under the heat of the sun.

Q: Why is hair and make-up such an important part of the day?
A: You may think you can do your own make-up pretty well, and that it usually lasts for a night out... but do consider the difference on a wedding day. Firstly, how often do you apply 'going out' make-up so far in advance. For your wedding, you may need to be ready for photos an hour before you are due to leave for the ceremony, the make-up you use is as important as the way you apply it with the brishes you choose - for long lasting flawless finish (without having to pile it on). Then there are the photos themselves, a record of your most important day - photos that should last a lifetime, far longer than the food, dress, and shoes will. Do you usually like yourself on photos ? in order to look like the YOU you like best, more effort has to be made with attention to application of make-up and of course soft, longlasting style for the hair. Then there are the nerves on the morning of your wedding, there are distractions, interruptions, bridesmaids demanding your attention, along with your mother... believe me, you will welcome the arival of an artist, to sit you in her chair, keep you calm and make sure attention is given to YOU !
For a professional finish, choose a professional to do your wedding day hairstyling and make-up work for you.

Q: What does a bride need to do to prepare herself on the big day for their stylist to arrive?
A: All the girlie things you'd usually do before a special event, shower (or have a long soak in the bath with a little added lavender oil to keep you relaxed and calm)
Wash and condition your hair. Exfoliate the skin lightly to get rid of any surface dry skin, moisturise the face, neck and chest, elbows and hands.
Use a magnifying mirror, and gently pluck any stray hairs from the face.
Either leave hair wet with towel round neck if having a blow-dry, or dry hair off with your hairdryer (don't use styling sprays though) ready for it to be styled and pinned.
Remember to wear a robe or top that does not need to come off over the head.
Put contact lenses in before your artist starts.
Don't forget to take your bra straps down and remove any tight bracelets etc. as they can leave indentations on the skin that can show up on your photos if wearing a strapless, sleeveless gown.

Q: Please can you tell us a bit about your experience in the field.
(A: You can of course read this on my website :)