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Lucinda Hayton

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fashion shoots 01 November 2012

fashion shoots

Fashion shoots...

Whether the shoot is on my doorstep in the gorgeous Lake District (pass me my umbrella !) or on some remote sunny Island overseas, it is always a new experience... the light changes everything, from the colour of the clothes, hair and skin-tone... to the shadows around the model. The photographers assistant is always on hand to hold reflectors, covering the model in an even shadow - out of the bright sun... a soft true light.

I love working with experienced models who understand the light, they are always aware and help us by moving out of the sun, or by swirling a skirt into it to create movement and a summer mood to the shot... Zoe Hobbs is a particularly good model, a relaxed, experienced model who works hard on location and is also fun to be with... now married to the Strictly Come Dancing heartthrob Brendon Cole... here she is behind the reflector, working the light....

for now...

stay gorgeous

Lucinda x