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hair styles for weddings (latest looks) 30 November 2012

hair styles for weddings (latest looks)

the bigger the better.... sexy, messy bedhead, versus loose up and full...


Come on, you've lived with your self this long, you've tried many styles and received different opinions from friends, you probably already know what suits you for a night out

oooh-er, but when it comes to your wedding, you kinda loose sight of who you are don't you

is the latest hairstyling really the way to go? or should you stick with your usual 'best' look ?

do you REALLY want to try something completely new for the one big day in your life that will of course be photographed for ever ?

OK, you want the crowd at the ceremony to say 'WOW'... your husband-to-be to think he is the luckiest man in the world (note to self: he already does, he has decided he wants to spend the rest of his life with you) and his best friends to think: 'lucky dog!'

Well, all that takes is confidence, and fabulous upright posture, as you walk towards him with the widest smile on your face (YES - you know my mantra: ' The best way to ever walk into a room, is with your personality')

On this occasion I will rise to your worries though. Having been there for hundreds of brides (believe you-me, the celebrities I work with are just as under-confident about their wedding day look as us mere mortals) I see the huge lift in her confidence as the bride looks at herself in the mirror having had her hair & make-up professionally done. It's just as she'd dreamed: Glowing youthful, flawless skin, high innocently blushed cheek-bones, big doleful (follow-you-around-the-room) eyes, and soft shimmering lips

and of course, the softest, full, yet sleek and healthy hair, piled, as if held together with only one grip... or loosely, sexily tumbling in full volume curls around the face, kissing the round of each shoulder as she moves — every man's dream of his woman at her best (actually all he really wants is to see that beaming smile - a sign that she is truly happy and confident that she is worthy of the day and all of its attention).

OK, OK... so if you STILL want to know the look for next years on-trend styles...

You don't have to quiff, back comb or tangle to achieve the fullness required for 2013's hottest bridal bouff !

it's all about clever styling, with or with out the addition of colour-matched hidden hairpieces!

Remember, it's more 'Girls Aloud' than 'Princess Anne' more 'magazine' than Mayhem. If you have a smaller face - wear long and lush at the length rather than on top of the head - as high & full may drown you

if you have a fuller or larger face, take it back and full behind you, with some slimming height in the centre of the forehead, allow the sides of the face to disappear against the light, rather than be framed against your hair

longer necks can take full hair all over the shoulders, short necks can't - they need space (lower neckline on dress, higher hairstyle, to elongate)

If you want to know the best styles to wear your hair (what your face shape, neck-length suits) feel free to e-mail me a recent photo of yourself and I'll tell you !

e-mail a recent photo with details of your chosen dress & style of wedding etc.

to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

stay gorgeous...

Lucinda x