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Lucinda Hayton

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hairstyling - the bigger the better ? 19 April 2013

hairstyling - the bigger the better ?

I love working with long hair, especially when it's real... :)

Whilst I enjoy working with hair wefts, extensions and 'pieces' I LOVE working with hair you've actually grown yourself !

Hats off to those who have lovely luscious long locks - for most of us it's blooming hard to grow, and usually ends up tapering off into the thinner 'see-through' tattie-ness that people in the coffee bar queue behind are often looking at wondering if it's been washed, and why on earth you are holding onto it when it really should be cut off...

Healthy, thick hair swings beautifully down the back, can be pinned to perfection and dressed to be dramatic... for those with the tatty thinning ends... chop them cleanly off and go find a perfect match hair weft or three...

Girls, go to your stylist and ask them to show you how to create different hairstyles for yourself... whether its hairpieces in hand or using your own.

As part of my determining a good natural-artist to assist me on shoots, I would ask them to show me five different ten minute hairstyles to suit the 'model' using only 10 hair grips, one hair band, and a tail comb - try that one on yourself!

You shouldn't only use a good stylist for cut and colour, after all they KNOW what tools are out there, and what they can achieve. Creating styles can change your face shape and your mood, and of course make or break an outfit... go play, and learn some easy ways to be your own red-carpet stylist...

stay gorgeous

Lucinda x