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Lucinda Hayton


Life Begins at 40 for Jackie

By Lucinda Hayton

THEY say we are all getting younger, that being in your 30s is no longer any different to being in your 20s. That more and more women are waiting until well into their 30s to marry and have a family.

If this is true, then what is it to be 40 these days? With the family sorted - and hopefully the mortgage well on its way - what better time is there in life? Still young enough to dream of a better future, and old enough to know what it'll take to get there.

As more couples choose to marry in their 30s, so, it seems, more are getting divorced in their 40s. Maybe it's this new lease of life, new start, a new chance to find you' again, that has helped to coin the phrase life begins at 40'.

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Helen shows off her new look

THE final weigh-in arrived for Helen Wilman this month much to the delight of Helen and all her supporters.
By Lucinda Hayton

As regular 'Looking Good' readers will know, Helen has been losing weight for charity (Breast Cancer Campaign) for more than seven months, under my ever-watchful eye.

Helen, a beauty therapist at The Low Wood Club, Windermere, undertook the task to lose weight for the charity and, of course, for herself - aged only 21 she weighed in at more than 15 stone.

"I knew I had to do something about my weight, I wasn't happy being that size and I knew it wasn't healthy."

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Gem of a find

Andrew Brammall and Amanda Cowin in the Ambleside gallery.
By Lucinda Hayton

AS this year sees glamour back on the catwalk, with an emphasis on colour and a strong sense of style, so follows the return of bold jewellery.

I'm not suggesting we should all rush out and buy those huge earrings as worn on Dallas and Dynasty, but individual, artistic pieces are definitely now'.

Brooches are in' too, whether worn to adorn or used to clasp a cardigan or wrap, replacing the nappy' pin of last year.

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Perfect place for inspiration!

Sandy Kitching, head of marketing and publicity, with some of the exquisite crafts for sale at Blackwell
By Lucinda Hayton

Just what I needed on a dull, rainy day in March. Walking into Blackwell Arts and Crafts House, in Bowness, for the first time you are instantly hit by the light, airy, modern reception, full of colour, with the aroma of cappuccino drifting across from the cafe bar.

Knowing I was visiting a place of historic interest, a museum' image had sprung to mind and I'd instantly conjured up a picture of rather rotund ladies in their home-spun cardis greeting me in a dark corridor with a pot of elder flower tea. Ah, how wrong I was.

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Very fishy....

Choppy, funky styles sculpted using Fish products.
By Lucinda Hayton

With the upward trend in height for hair comes the introduction of another fab product from fish'. Born in Soho, London, the Fish hair care range has gone from strength to strength. After first putting the fish mullet hair style on the map, company owner and hair expert Paul has evolved it into the more slick, stylish look, using his solid silver (Fish-engraved) cut-throat. He has introduced a modish' retro look, and used Fish's latest innovative products Fishpaste and Jellyfish. This styling range is awesome, hair is held in place and can be sculpted, confused, abused, whatever it takes to get you the look you want from your latest cut or slice.

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Bags of fun with pretty accessories

Shoes by Mango.
By Lucinda Hayton

IT'S the season to accessorise! There's no excuse not to update a simple summer outfit when you see the choice of accessories in high street stores everywhere. Most fashion retailers are investing in accessories this year, from beads and bangles to flip-flops and bags.

It's such fun right now to be female. Be bold and brash in your grunge gear with loop earrings and big bangles or add chic to your feet by returning to the simple pointed court shoe or stiletto.

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Soft and delicate is the vintage look, and...

Soft pink embroidered dress by Monsoon.
By Lucinda Hayton

...Grace Kelly is the inspiration

FROM flea market to catwalk, it's the return of all things Vintage for female fashion.

To get the look you don't have to break the bank - high street giants such as Oasis, Jigsaw and Monsoon have collections designed to take you back in time to the days of chic, elegance and glamour.

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SOME of the new range of cosmetics from Marks & Spencer
By Lucinda Hayton

Lucinda Hayton looks at the new Autograph range of cosmetics, available from M&S.

ENCASED in elegant gunmetal packaging, the key to the new designer collection of make-up at Marks and Spencer is all in the detail sleek mirrored compacts with that reassuringly expensive "click"; the fluffiest powder puff; lip and eye pencils that include a brush and smudger for precise application; dual usage eye shadows with wet/dry formula; and easy-to-use concealer with push button application.

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