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Lucinda Hayton

Soft and delicate is the vintage look, and...

Soft pink embroidered dress by Monsoon.
By Lucinda Hayton

...Grace Kelly is the inspiration

FROM flea market to catwalk, it's the return of all things Vintage for female fashion.

To get the look you don't have to break the bank - high street giants such as Oasis, Jigsaw and Monsoon have collections designed to take you back in time to the days of chic, elegance and glamour.


I am especially impressed by Oasis whose designers have gone one step further in their search to bring the most feminine vintage styles back from the past. Taking their inspiration from items found all over the world such as this stunning 1960s Grace Kelly rose dress' £150 (right), designed from an original 1960s dress found in a Paris flea market. There is also a matching stole for evening/party wear, or a lovely Grace Kelly cardigan' (£75) to throw around your shoulders. The silk satin camisole (£65), pictured under the cardigan, was inspired by a 1940s slip and is also available as a dress.

The New Vintage' collection is available at city branches of Oasis including its Manchester Trafford store.

Jigsaw is one of my favourite stores. For this season's collection its designers have invested in colour - soft, muted, really honest colours that blend or contrast with subtle elegance. Their clothes are designed to mix and match well, making it easy to put together an outfit that works with your individual shape.

For summer, it's "as light as a butterfly" with delicate fabrics, tear-cut hems and vintage print. Wear your hair loose with the additions of a piece of hair jewellery' from Jigsaw, and you'll stand out for understated style at a friend's wedding. (Nearest Jigsaw: The Triangle, Exchange Square, Manchester).

We are really lucky to have a branch of Monsoon here in Kendal. "A less expensive Jigsaw," as a friend called it recently. I really like their little cardigans - soft and elegant over a lightweight summer dress. Antique-pink has been continued for their latest create a storm' collection, a colour that sits well on most skins and works beautifully with pale pink, chocolate, damson and khaki green. (Monsoon can deliver clothes direct to your door for more details tel 020-7313-3000 or look at the website ).

taken from Leisure, Westmorland Gazette